Stephenie Meyer: Critics punished 'Host' for 'Twilight'

"i’d rather make an interesting film that gets people talking, that maybe some people hate, than make the kind of ‘entertaining’ film that everyone feels ambivalent about." - emily browning

Jake Abel, Allie Wood & Stephenie Meyer at the Austenland Premiere (x)


Stephenie at the Austenland premiere 8/9/13

Why do you care?


O’Wanda ~ Sooner or Later

Woke up early this morning and felt the urge to finish some unfinished stuff. Vidding has been a bit bleh for me lately, so when I had a go at this and it was actually working? Well, I started around 11ish and had practically finished by the time I went downstairs for dinner.

I’m not even going to tell you how chatty I’ve been since finally seeing my family this evening XD

Pairing: Wanda/Wanderer and Ian O’Shea

Fandom: The Host

Song: ‘Sooner or Later’ by Matt Kearney