tr-opicalserene asked: Hey! I’m preparing a birthday video for Jake Abel from his fans, and I was wondering if you could possibly help spread the word so heaps of people get the opportunity to send in a video? All the details are here: tr-opicalserene(.)tumblr(.)com/post/97863950358/attention-all-jake-abel-fans It ’d be great if you could reblog that post as well! Have a good day :) x

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Stephenie Meyer: Critics punished 'Host' for 'Twilight'

"i’d rather make an interesting film that gets people talking, that maybe some people hate, than make the kind of ‘entertaining’ film that everyone feels ambivalent about." - emily browning

Jake Abel, Allie Wood & Stephenie Meyer at the Austenland Premiere (x)


Stephenie at the Austenland premiere 8/9/13

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